5 Reasons Why There Is No Need to Worry about Your Endoscopy Treatment

Endoscopy is considered as one of the most important procedures to examine the internal organs, as well as to carry out small procedures like collecting tissues for biopsy. The procedure gives the doctor a clear picture of what’s happening inside the organ and then be able to determine treatment

Many people tend to be fearful of medical procedures and the fact that a camera will go inside their body to capture the images.  However, the latest advances in medical science have minimized fears and potential risks involved. For instance, the inception of Video Capsule Endoscopy (VCS) has made the procedure very easy. With this coming of age variation of endoscopy, the doctors introduce a small wireless camera into the body of the patient to examine the digestive tract, causing no pain to the patients.

With this, there is no need to worry about the endoscopy treatment.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should not worry about your endoscopy treatment:

1. The procedure will be done under sedation

Before inserting the endoscope into your body, the doctors will give you a local anaesthetic. Hence, you would not feel any discomfort during the procedure. The anaesthetic, either in the form of gel or injection, will block your sensations temporarily and hence, you can undergo the procedure without experiencing any amount of pain.

2. You will be in the safe hands of the professionals

Only experienced medical professionals are allowed to perform these procedures. You will be in the safe hands of a medical practitioner who has been trained to perform this procedure ensuring your comfort

The Endoscopy Team has been trained in all preventive measures to create a safe and comfortable procedure environment

3. The doctors always use sterile equipment

The doctors value a sterile environment.  When it comes to their patients, infection prevention is their priority. They are always moving towards adopting the newest guidelines to include the most advanced preventive measures.

Doctors always use sterile instruments during their patient procedures.

4. The instruments are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the patient

Any medical procedure or equipment is designed around the comfort of the patient   Furthermore, with the latest advancements in medical science, every procedure or instrument is in a constant state of innovation

The same is the case with capsule endoscopy. The Video Capsule Endoscopy provider designs the endoscopy system that is comfortable for the patient. The Stratis MiroCam Video Capsule Endoscopy system features a small capsule with a smooth surface that provides optimal comfort for patients to swallow.

5. It allows your doctor to evaluate your symptoms and provide treatment options

Endoscopy is considered the best diagnostic tool for gastrointestinal related symptoms. It offers exact and specific pictures of the internal organs and makes it very easy for the doctor to evaluate the potential cause of the symptoms, confirm the diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan