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The state-of-the-art Stratis MiroCam is the first capsule endoscopy system with E-Field Propagation, a patented technology utilizing the human body as a communication medium. This innovative approach results in the highest image resolution and longest operation time, enabling more accurate diagnosis of the entire small bowel and beyond. The simple and easy-to-use MiroView software has a wide range of features including positioning markers, automatic detection of bleeding, a reference library, and an advanced report generator. There is no need to use a dedicated workstation as the software is laptop compatible and studies can be reviewed at any location.

Advantages offered by the MiroCam

  • Highest Resolution: The Stratis MiroCam captures and delivers the highest quality images with a resolution of 102,400 pixels (320x 320 pixel image resolution). Optimized imaging is provided through automatic brightness control while six white LED lights per camera side enable clearest image quality.
  • Longer Operation and More Accurate Diagnosis: With an operating time of up to 12 hours the Stratis MiroCam capsule provides images from the esophagus to the colon ensuring that the capsule reaches the end of the small bowel.
  • Highest Frame Rate: The Stratis MiroCam capsule captures images at 3 FPS (MC1200B) and 6 FPS (MC2000B) respectively rendering more total images per study.
  • Smallest Capsule Size: At a tiny 11x 24mm the MC1200B capsule is the smallest available and can be easily swallowed.
  • MiroCam Data Recorder is light and compact and uses a disposable sensor belt, comfortable for patients and convenient for clinicians. The MR2000 Data Recorder has a real time viewer for rapid determination of the capsule’s position.
  • Wide Field of View: The Stratis MiroCam’s High precision lens system offers a wide 170 degrees FOV (MC1200B) and 340 degrees FOV (MC2000B) respectively, thereby capturing more of the mucosa for a more complete diagnosis.
  • MiroCam Navi–the world’s first controllable video capsule!