Video Capsule Endoscopy (VCE)- A Powerful Diagnostic Tool from Stratis Medical

The Stratis MiroCam VCE (Video Capsule Endoscope) takes diagnostic imaging and video graphics to the next level.  The Stratis MiroCam Capsule Endoscopy System provides improvement in GI tract diagnostics.

While Video Capsule Endoscopy or VCE initially evolved in the 21st century for evaluating only the small bowel, it is today a comprehensive, accurate device and method for evaluating the whole digestive system, from the mouth to the anus. This GI tract imaging device is today used to evaluate and diagnose a range of medical conditions including gastrointestinal bleeding, Crohn’s disease, Polyposis Syndrome and celiac disease.  The colon capsule has been an important device that has been used to evaluate the colon in patients not willing or unable to undergo Colonoscopy.


The video capsules today come in many different sizes and variations that include battery life, dimensions, optical enhancements and the field of view, among others. The diagnostic field of VCE will continue to improve which will increase therapeutic possibilities.

Least risk

There is a marginal and minimal risk of approximately 1% capsule retention. While 99% of patients are not exposed to this risk, patients with known medical conditions including fistula, strictures and gastrointestinal tract obstruction are considered a higher risk.   In the case of capsule retention, endoscopic or surgical removal options are available.

Stratis MiroCam

The world-class and highly innovative products from IntroMedic, sold by Stratis, the leading endoscopy capsule provider in the USA, include the Stratis MiroCam Capsule Endoscopy System that has exceptional features which may yield higher GI tract diagnosis. The patented technology that the Stratis MiroCam uses is called E-Field Propagation or human body communication. Through the use of this technology, the human body itself acts as the communication medium. The Stratis MiroCam Capsule Endoscopy System has an extended operation time which can be used for more comprehensive gastrointestinal diagnostic imaging. This video capsule endoscope also has a higher image resolution and consistent frame rate, which helps in a more accurate and clear diagnosis.

Other desired features of the Stratis MiroCam VCE include:

  • SGIB- Bleeding can be detected automatically.
  • The Stratis MiroCam position markers.
  • The advanced report generator, Stratis MiroView, can provide more specific and detailed observation.
  • Exclusive to Stratis Mirocam, Map View allows for assurance in visualizing landmarks.
  • Exclusive to Stratis Mirocam, the customized Drag Bag feature allows consistent categorization of all diagnostic indications.
  • The reference library provides for easy operation and less errors.
  • A clear image with higher resolution that include 6 LEDs.
  • Stratis MiroCam Navi- The world’s first video capsule that can be fully controlled.
  • 12 hours of extended operation time ensures all areas of the GI tract are easily and comprehensively evaluated.
  • The widest field of view of 170 degrees, which may lead to a higher diagnostic yield.
  • Exclusive to the Statis MiroCam is a Disposable Belt System which allows for an infection free procedure environment which increases patient and staff safety.

The Stratis MiroCam VCE is undoubtedly one of the most effective and highest quality gastroenterology products made in the 21st century. We are likely to see many new improvements in the field in years to come.